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Thursday Things

28 Mar

This week has FLOWN by!

Seriously. No idea of where it’s gone.

In the fitness realm, I have not worked out at all. With the exception of my mini workout during Dancing with the Stars commercials on Monday and some random dancing around my condo yesterday- totally counts, right?

It has been a nice week though!

Tuesday included a lovely visit to a bridal salon with my soon to be wed friend and other friend of ours, followed by a visit to a second store to see a dress she had tried on on a previous tress where she said YES to the dress! I was so happy to share in that moment with her. She didn’t cry, but I did. I’m an emotional wreck. I think my tears on her behalf were appreciated though. We went for a celebratory dinner at the Elephant Bar Restaurant, which was delicious although service was a bit sporadic.

Yesterday, I lacked exercise motivation but did mange to declutter my life and catch up on some household chores. I also managed to persuade my roomate to make a trip to Menchie’s where I had some FANTASTIC salted carmel froyo with a myriad of yummy toppings. And some valuable roommate bonding time was the cherry on top!

Looking forward to seeing Spring Awakening this evening and hopefully enjoying a yummy dinner beforehand!


Thursday Things

13 Dec

It is crazy gloomy here in Orlando. And cold! The weather throughout the week has been all over the place. We had some hot and humid days, rain yesterday and just blah, chilly weather today. Granted, it’s technically still in the 60’s which wouldn’t be considered cold in most places, but it’s definitely a change here!

Unfiltered Gloom

Unfiltered Gloom

Tonight, is the winter finale of Scandal! Personally, I think these “winter finales” that so many shows are having right now are a cop out for shorter seasons but, in this case, I at least know it’s likely to be an incredible episode with lots of twists and turns! Sooooooooo looking forward to it.

In less than two weeks, Christmas will be over. I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas and the end of the year. I am hoping to have one more Christmas activity with my Florida Family- all my friends who, like myself, are separated from their actual families by miles and miles and miles. Last night we had a great time looking at Christmas lights at a local campground (separate post coming soon).

I am incredibly excited to go home! This is my first time being home ON Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 5 years! Thrilled to spend the time with my family. Hopefully a trip to New York City will be in the cards too. My family lives about an hour away and it’s one of my favorite places to visit. Hopefully, it isn’t too cold!

Despite the rapid approach of Christmas, I have yet to do any Christmas shopping. I am the worst. Without fail, even with good intentions, I end up procrastinating until the last minute! I really have to get cracking soon. I have one present for a Secret Santa that needs to be purchased by the 20th!

My goal by the end of 2012 is to have created a complete 30 before 30 list. It’s something I really want to attempt. I feel like I’ve already done a couple things that would have made it on the list- like running a half marathon and travelling to Europe. I need to create a formal list before I have nothing to put on it!

Does it Still Count If I Already Did It?

Does it Still Count If I Already Did It?