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Thursday Things

21 Mar

I made it out for a run yesterday! Due to all the changes in my plans earlier in the day, I ended up having some free time last night which resulted in just under an hour of running. I’m really glad I got out there, because if I’m not in the exercise mindset, it can be a struggle to even get dressed for a run!

I can’t wait for it to be Monday. I know that’s a rare sentiment, but in my case it’s true. Although I work 7 Days a week, every week, this weekend is one of the crazier! It will be rough, but making it to Monday will mean I can get back to a normal sleep schedule and my normal routine!

I am, however, looking forward to NEXT weekend! I will still be working my way through the weekend, BUT with some fun mixed in! I will be running the Lake Nona Pig Run. The Pig Run is a 5K , where, at the half way point, you get to enter the “Pig Pen” and enjoy some Dunkin Donuts. When you registered, you were able to indicate how many donuts you plan on eating. I decided to play it safe and just go with one! You’re able to eat up to a dozen though! This is a new novelty for me, but even without the donuts it seems like this race is a lot of fun! I also get to run with a friend, who’s had to miss our last couple of scheduled runs, so that will be a plus too.

I’ve recently developed a love for selling things on eBay. I have had some luck in sales, as well as a few things that haven’t sold but I appreciate the extra money. My new found eBay interest did lead to a recent impulse purchase of a Fit Bit Zip. I haven’t received it yet but I do have mixed feelings as to whether it was a smart purchase. It was definitely an impulse buy and isn’t something I need but I do still think it has the potential of being useful as I try and maintain a focus on fitness. I guess we’ll see!

In other shopping news, I need to buy a new laptop. My current laptop has developed an issue where the screen goes all staticky or solid white if its not at JUST the right angle. It’s a few years old and was cheap so I can’t justify spending money to repair it. I’m not really excited to spend money on a new one though.

Lastly, this Buzzfeed article, 25 Things That Will Definitely Make You Smile, totally made my night! Definitely made for a few smiles…and a couple happy tears, but that’s usually my style! I definitely reccomend taking a look!


Oops, I Did It Again

13 Mar

And registered for two more races! It always seems that I can never sign up for just one race at a time.

I’m officially registered for the Pig Run of Lake Nona  on March 23rd.

Pig Run

Pig Run


Annnnnnddd runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon! Super pumped for this one!


Wine and Dine

Wine and Dine


Both should be a lot of fun! Registering for runs is such an easy addiction though!

Virtual Half, Check. Injured Hip, Double Check.

26 Nov

The last few days have flown by! I worked the whole holiday weekend, Thursday through Saturday, at my part time job. Not quite a traditional Thanksgiving, although I do quite enjoy spending the holidays with my work family. It’s definitely something I’ve gotten used to over the past few years, since I’m living in Florida working in an industry that doesn’t “close” for holidays and my family is in Connecticut.

On Thursday, after having completed my virtual 5K, I set out to tackle my virtual half marathon. Luckily, I was working in the afternoon, so I was able to wake up at about 8AM and set out on my race of one. Since I’m horrible about planning distances, but hate the thought of running the same path repeatedly, I decided to head down the county road I live off of and just make it more or less a straight shot out and back. I knew there were sidewalks the whole way and that by the time I got to the more congested crossroad, I’d be at about 6 miles. With a couple of loops through some complexes along the way, I knew I’d make it the 13.1 miles without much repeat.

Things started out pretty great. I ran the first 3-4 miles without any walk breaks and was feeling great. From mile 5-10 I was still running pretty steady, although I did take some regular walk breaks in between. At mile 10 though, things came to somewhat of a standstill. My right hip joint became quite achy and very quickly I switched to an all out walk mode. I thought as I continued, I may bounce back and be able to get some more running in. I tried running a bit, but was unsuccesful at running for more than 20-30 seconds at a time. By mile 11, I had resigned to the fact that I’d have to walk the rest. In the end, it was a slow and kind of painful finish, but I completed the half in 3:11:11.

Although I was shooting for a sub 3 hour time, I’m just proud that I did it! Since then, I have been walking with a bit of a limp and unfortunately working my way through the holiday weekend didn’t help much. I am looking forward to getting my 5K and Half Marathon finisher medals in the mail soon! I almost forgot to log my race times online, but remembered with about an hour to spare.

Speaking of race medals, I am so looking forward to the OUC Half Marathon medal-it’s a palm tree, which I love! Hope to get it Saturday!