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Oh, Life

10 Apr

You keep my busy.

I managed to disappear from blogging. Again.

Somehow my schedule gets in my way, but I’m back.

Truthfully, there hasn’t been much “exciting” stuff happening in my life worth reporting as of late.

This happened yesterday though:

WDW Marathon 2014


I’m officially registered for the 2014 WDW Marathon! This will be my first full marathon, so I am pretty excited. And a little scared, but no going back now!

I had stressed myself out quite a bit prior to registering as I couldn’t decide what was the best option for me. I knew I wanted to run SOME WDW Marathon Weekend event but wasn’t sure which to pick. Although, I’m insanely attracted to bling, I knew I wasn’t physically ready to tackle the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge or the Dopey Challenge.

And I knew I wanted to do at least the Half Marathon in order to try and complete Run Disney’s Coast to Coast challenge in 2014.

I think what finally helped me rationalize the decision is that I really DO want to try and run a full marathon, Walt Disney World would be an incredible place to do it AND it was the same price as the half marathon. Double the miles for the same price? Definitely more bang for my buck! It’s still a good 9 months away, and I have a few other runs scheduled before then, so hopefully I’ll be ready for January!

Other than that, life has included completing the Pig Run (race recap to follow), LOTS of schoolwork as we approach the end of the spring semester and lots of work!


The Newest runDisney Challenge!

26 Mar

Have you heard about runDisney’s Dopey Challenge that was recently announced?

During WDW Marathon Weekend, runners can choose to participate in the Dopey Challenge which would require runners to complete the weekend’s 5K, innaugural 10K, Half Marathon and full Marathon events over the course of the four day weekend! That’s a total of 48.6 miles! For several years, individuals have had the option of completing Goofy’s Race and Half Challenge for the successful completion of the half and full marathon, but this new challenge definitely ups the ante even more!

Runner’s that complete all four events, walk off with SIX medals (from the four individual races, the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge medal and the Dopey Challenge medal), shirts from each event and, most importantly, insane bragging rights having completed this intense challenge!

You can read the official announcement on the Disney Parks Blog HERE.

It’s an interesting idea. I’ve been toying with the idea of the 2014 WDW Marathon being my first full marathon and had been considering the Goofy Challenge as an option, but now the Dopey Challenge is intriguing me! In all seriousness, I realize it would be a huge commitment and require a lot of work but there’s a large part of me that questions IF I could do it or IF it would be crazy to try having only run a couple half marathons so far.

As someone who has LOVED all my runDisney experiences thus far, I’m sure all four events will be incredibly memorable races!

runDisney Fan!

runDisney Fan!

All of the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend events open for registration on April 9th. I know I’ll be running at least one, but I will definitely be using the next week or two to make that decision! I’m sure all the events will fill up pretty quickly. Whatever I end up deciding, I’m already incredibly exciting for these 2014 races!

Made it to Monday!

25 Mar

I managed to survive my crazy weekend, which included which included about a lot of work and far too little sleep. Luckily, my commitments at both my full time and part time jobs went pretty off pretty smoothly so there wasn’t much added craziness to the weekend!

I was dragging a bit today, so although I had some hopes to run once I got home an accidental nap on the couch ended up becoming a necessity. That nap did give me an energy boost though- I’m currently watching Dancing with the Stars and fitting in some random jumping jacks, lunges, wall sits, arm curls and other exercises in during the commercials.

It’s already shaping up to be a busy, but fun week! It will be a bit of a struggle figuring out where running will fit in, but I should be able to get some running in. Here’s a glimpse at what my weeks looking like.

My schedule this week includes work (naturally), wedding dress shopping with my friend tomorrow, a viewing of Theatre UCF’s production of Spring Awakening, a musical I saw on Broadway in 2007 and LOVED, on Thursday and the Pig Run of Lake Nona on Saturday!

I’m going to make an effort to wake up with my early set of alarms so that I can get in a couple runs, but I’m not holding my breath. I want so badly to be an early morning runner, but the snooze button usually wins out. I should have some time for evening runs a couple nights this week, hopefully. With many of my “big” races still a while away, I’m not in serious training mode but really want to get into good running habits and a routine soon!

Thursday Things

21 Mar

I made it out for a run yesterday! Due to all the changes in my plans earlier in the day, I ended up having some free time last night which resulted in just under an hour of running. I’m really glad I got out there, because if I’m not in the exercise mindset, it can be a struggle to even get dressed for a run!

I can’t wait for it to be Monday. I know that’s a rare sentiment, but in my case it’s true. Although I work 7 Days a week, every week, this weekend is one of the crazier! It will be rough, but making it to Monday will mean I can get back to a normal sleep schedule and my normal routine!

I am, however, looking forward to NEXT weekend! I will still be working my way through the weekend, BUT with some fun mixed in! I will be running the Lake Nona Pig Run. The Pig Run is a 5K , where, at the half way point, you get to enter the “Pig Pen” and enjoy some Dunkin Donuts. When you registered, you were able to indicate how many donuts you plan on eating. I decided to play it safe and just go with one! You’re able to eat up to a dozen though! This is a new novelty for me, but even without the donuts it seems like this race is a lot of fun! I also get to run with a friend, who’s had to miss our last couple of scheduled runs, so that will be a plus too.

I’ve recently developed a love for selling things on eBay. I have had some luck in sales, as well as a few things that haven’t sold but I appreciate the extra money. My new found eBay interest did lead to a recent impulse purchase of a Fit Bit Zip. I haven’t received it yet but I do have mixed feelings as to whether it was a smart purchase. It was definitely an impulse buy and isn’t something I need but I do still think it has the potential of being useful as I try and maintain a focus on fitness. I guess we’ll see!

In other shopping news, I need to buy a new laptop. My current laptop has developed an issue where the screen goes all staticky or solid white if its not at JUST the right angle. It’s a few years old and was cheap so I can’t justify spending money to repair it. I’m not really excited to spend money on a new one though.

Lastly, this Buzzfeed article, 25 Things That Will Definitely Make You Smile, totally made my night! Definitely made for a few smiles…and a couple happy tears, but that’s usually my style! I definitely reccomend taking a look!

Happy Spring!

20 Mar

Happy Spring- although it seems like it’s the weather’s not very spring-like throughout the country today!

It’s a gloomy day here, complete with rain, rain and more rain this morning!



In other, possibly more exciting, news it’s Florida Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts! I already picked up my freebie this morning!



Definitely helped elevate my mood this morning! Of course, it was a torrential downpour when I pulled in to Dunkin this morning, but it was totally worth braving the rain for!

Oh, and I already failed at the morning workout I was hoping to get in. Somehow I managed to oversleep past my normally, already later than it should be, wake up time.

My friend I was going to go wedding dress shopping with this evening had to cancel as she’s not feeling well, so all my plans for today have changed!

I’ll make it through work and then see what the evening holds. I have a few errands to run, but may be able to squeeze in an evening run.

A Whirlwind Week

20 Mar

Last week, my sister came to town for her spring break with a friend.

Since none of my family lives in Florida, it’s always great when someone gets to visit, especially my sister!

She and her friend split their stay and stayed at my condo a few nights, her friend’s family and at a Disney resort for a night. While I did still end up working during most of their visit, I did have a couple days off too!

We spent a lot of time visiting both the Walt Disney World Theme parks as well as Universal, all of which is always a good time for me!

Jurrasic Park River Adventure- Too cold for me to ride!

3D Fun!

3-D Fun!

Theme Park Explosions at Fear Factor Live

Theme Park Explosions at Fear Factor Live

Matchbox Twenty Concert as part of Universal's Mardi Gras celebration!

Matchbox Twenty Concert as part of Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration!

Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom!

Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom!

Needless to say, I didn’t end up exercising or running much while they were here! I did manager to sneak in a 2.5 mile run on Saturday, but that’s if for formal exercise. A day at the parks can be a workout in and of itself though!

They left on Sunday, but I feel like it’s taken a couple days for me to get back into the swing of things. I haven’t run this week at all. I really should have made an effort yesterday, but catching up on household chores and grad school work ended up taking precedent.

Hopefully,by the time you read this on Wednesday, I’ll have squeezed in a workout! I’ve got plans to go wedding dress shopping with a friend this evening, so the morning will be my only chance! I’m not usually an AM workout gal, as the snooze button typically wins, but I’m going to try my best!

Disney Princess Half Marathon: Things I Learned

19 Mar

As evidenced from my recaps, the Disney Princess Half Marathon was a great experience for me.  I would not hesitate to participate again, if timing (and my financials) was right.

Here are a few of my top takeaways from running this race:

1. I CAN do it.

No matter how many runs I complete in the future, I am 100% sure this will always be a top takeaway. I may not be the fittest or the fastest runner, but I can definitely get out there, stay positive and tough it out to the finish line.

2. It WILL be crowded.

runDisney races are quite different from some of the other local races I have run as far as size goes. The Princess Half had over 26,000 runners, the largest crowd this half marathon had seen. Disney is incredibly organized and does a great job of managing the crowds, but it is inevitable that the course will still be packed. The first couple miles can definitely include some bobbing and weaving and there are spots throughout the course where the running path narrrows to one lane, so it can be a bit tight.

3. You can’t predict the weather.

Being from the Orlando area, I have had a lot of friends run the Princess Half and other Disney races over the past few years. Each time, the weather seems to be drastically different. While Disney steers clear of offering any runs in the middle of the summer, it is impossible to predict what the weather may be like! For instance, one year it was freezing at the Disney Marathon in January but the next year it was almost 80!

This February, the weather has definitely been yo yo-ed quite a bit and we ended up having humid, hot weather for this half as well. It’s definitely good to be prepared for all types of weather, as you really never know what to expect.

4. It’s worth every penny.

runDisney races can be pricey. For me though, the cost was definitely worth it. Running through the Walt Disney World property  and theme parks I have grown up visiting and still love was amazing. In typical Disney style, the entertainment on course was also amazing. Fun DJ’s, awesome puppets and props from throughout Disney, character photo ops and other local musical groups were strategically sprinkled along the way really helping to break up those longer stretches of road.

5. Take your time at the expo.

I was on a tight schedule due to work when I picked up my packet, but if I had the opporunity I would take more advantage of the expo in the future. I still kick myself for not buying the Mickey eared 13.1 car magnet! They did have some merchandise for sale after the half, but sadly, the magnets were sold out.  There are so many other great vendors at the expo and wish I had taken some time to learn about their products! runDisney also offeres some great speakers at the expo, including Jeff Galloway and a runDisney nutritionist, so I would love to have the time to listen to them in the future!

6. Good energy is infectious

 I am so appreciative of my fellow runners. There was such an excitement in the air at this race, which I know helped keep me energized and motivated. From the beginning, I love seeing everyones racing outfits and costumes, because you tell how pumped they were to be a part of this runDisney event! I believe runDisney races get a good mix of experienced runners and those participating in their first race, which I fell definitely adds to the “buzz” in the air. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time, and that definitely kept me positive, too!

7. This race is about having FUN!

Lastly, runDisney events are runs where your #1 goal should always be to have FUN! As I stated, for this race in particular, the crowds and weather could be a challenge. My personal philosophy was to embrace the experience! Those challenges can be tough if you are focused on your watch or obtaining a PR. If you go into the run looking to have fun, enjoy your run and make some great memories you are  miles and miles ahead of the competition.

I wouldn’t trade my Princess Half Marathon experience for anything! Looking forward to my next runDisney events in the fall!