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Thursday Things

28 Mar

This week has FLOWN by!

Seriously. No idea of where it’s gone.

In the fitness realm, I have not worked out at all. With the exception of my mini workout during Dancing with the Stars commercials on Monday and some random dancing around my condo yesterday- totally counts, right?

It has been a nice week though!

Tuesday included a lovely visit to a bridal salon with my soon to be wed friend and other friend of ours, followed by a visit to a second store to see a dress she had tried on on a previous tress where she said YES to the dress! I was so happy to share in that moment with her. She didn’t cry, but I did. I’m an emotional wreck. I think my tears on her behalf were appreciated though. We went for a celebratory dinner at the Elephant Bar Restaurant, which was delicious although service was a bit sporadic.

Yesterday, I lacked exercise motivation but did mange to declutter my life and catch up on some household chores. I also managed to persuade my roomate to make a trip to Menchie’s where I had some FANTASTIC salted carmel froyo with a myriad of yummy toppings. And some valuable roommate bonding time was the cherry on top!

Looking forward to seeing Spring Awakening this evening and hopefully enjoying a yummy dinner beforehand!


Made it to Monday!

25 Mar

I managed to survive my crazy weekend, which included which included about a lot of work and far too little sleep. Luckily, my commitments at both my full time and part time jobs went pretty off pretty smoothly so there wasn’t much added craziness to the weekend!

I was dragging a bit today, so although I had some hopes to run once I got home an accidental nap on the couch ended up becoming a necessity. That nap did give me an energy boost though- I’m currently watching Dancing with the Stars and fitting in some random jumping jacks, lunges, wall sits, arm curls and other exercises in during the commercials.

It’s already shaping up to be a busy, but fun week! It will be a bit of a struggle figuring out where running will fit in, but I should be able to get some running in. Here’s a glimpse at what my weeks looking like.

My schedule this week includes work (naturally), wedding dress shopping with my friend tomorrow, a viewing of Theatre UCF’s production of Spring Awakening, a musical I saw on Broadway in 2007 and LOVED, on Thursday and the Pig Run of Lake Nona on Saturday!

I’m going to make an effort to wake up with my early set of alarms so that I can get in a couple runs, but I’m not holding my breath. I want so badly to be an early morning runner, but the snooze button usually wins out. I should have some time for evening runs a couple nights this week, hopefully. With many of my “big” races still a while away, I’m not in serious training mode but really want to get into good running habits and a routine soon!

Broadway Across America: Sister Act

13 Dec

Last week, I mentioned briefly that my roomie and I were hoping to be able to see the musical Sister Act, which was in town touring at the Bob Car Performing Arts Centre.

We’ve been lucky enough to score cheap tickets before through student rush. Basically the way student rush works is that when the box office opens, usually two hours before showtime, individuals with a valid student ID are able to purchase two tickets at a deeply discounted rate. There’s never a guarantee that tickets will be available, but the box office will sell all available seats through student rush.

We’ve been lucky enough to see both the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast tours through Broadway Across America in the past year. Similarly, I saw Wicked with a couple other friends the year before. Each time, we’ve had pretty fantastic seats on the Orchestra level!

For us, Sister Act wasn’t necessarily a “must see”, as neither of us knew much about it, but we’d figured we’d try our luck and see what happened- and, boy, are we glad we did!  After I got off at work at 5PM, I headed home to pick up my roommate. We got there a little after 6PM, when the box office opened,  and were able to get our tickets!

Since we had some time to kill before the show at 8PM we fell into our regular pre-musical routine and headed to a Panera Bread about ten minutes away. Despite being our regular downtown driver, I somehow managed to get disoriented EVERY TIME I go downtown. Even with the help of a GPS and iPhone, we somehow manage to take a different route to and from Panera each time we go.

At Panera, I went with the You Pick 2, as usual, with the Chicken Cobb Salad with Avocado and half of Panera’s new Grilled Cheese. Chips and an extra pickle were a requirement, as well. While I’ve had the salad several times before and knew it would be a hit, the Grilled Cheese was a new pick for me. The Grilled Cheese was good, but I think I have had better. They also have an Adult Grilled Cheese version, which maybe would have been a better choice.

We made our way back to the Bob Carr shortly after and settled in to enjoy Sister Act. Although we had both seen the movie several years ago, we were not really sure what to expect out of the musical.


Grainy iPhone Shot

We both ended up enjoying the show immensely! It was such an enjoyable evening. There were so many moments that were hilarious within the show. I really thought that most of the characters, especially the nuns, were cast fantastically. The actors did a great job at portraying the characters we remembered from the movie version. It was really a terrific night that far exceeded our expectations.  It was an amazing night!

Hopefully, our student rush luck will continue with some of the upcoming shows at the Bob Carr. Musicals coming in 2013 include Mary Poppins, Wicked (again), Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Memphis– all of which seem wonderful! I’m already dying to hear what shows will be coming to Orlando for the 2013-2014 season!