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Happy Spring!

20 Mar

Happy Spring- although it seems like it’s the weather’s not very spring-like throughout the country today!

It’s a gloomy day here, complete with rain, rain and more rain this morning!



In other, possibly more exciting, news it’s Florida Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts! I already picked up my freebie this morning!



Definitely helped elevate my mood this morning! Of course, it was a torrential downpour when I pulled in to Dunkin this morning, but it was totally worth braving the rain for!

Oh, and I already failed at the morning workout I was hoping to get in. Somehow I managed to oversleep past my normally, already later than it should be, wake up time.

My friend I was going to go wedding dress shopping with this evening had to cancel as she’s not feeling well, so all my plans for today have changed!

I’ll make it through work and then see what the evening holds. I have a few errands to run, but may be able to squeeze in an evening run.


Cookie Swap One, Done!

16 Dec

As mentioned previously, this holiday season I am signed up to participate in two different Christmas cookie swaps. This Saturday, I got to collect my cookies from the first exchange! I thought about waiting to post an update about all my delicious cookies until I have my cookies from the second swap, but I don’t know how long the first batch will last!

Including a few of my own, I got to take home four additional cookie creations!




At the top of the picture, I got some of my favorite holiday cookies-Snowballs AKA Butterballs AKA Russian Tea Cakes AKA Mexican Wedding Cakes. I’ve heard them called by all those names but regardless of what name they go by, I love them!

Going clockwise, the next cookie included in the swap were some Chocolate Turtle Cookies, sans the pecans that would normally get placed in the caramel sauce.

At the bottom, there are some Potato Chip Cookies. These were something new to me. The dough includes crumbled up potato chips, giving the cookies a unique sweet and salty mix.

Lastly, there were Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies, featuring a peanut butter dough with a thumbprint of jelly. A nice twist on such a classic food staple!

Lastly, I my inclusion to the swap were the Hot Chocolate Cookie Balls I made a few days ago.

It’s always great to be able to mix and mingle with my work team and gain some unique cookies in the process!

I don’t have the exact recipes my coworkers used for their cookies, but here are some links to similar recipes I found on the web!


Snowballs from My Baking Addiction
Chocolate Turtle Cookies from Recipe Girl
Potato Chip Cookies from Southern Plate
Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies from’s Home Cooking section


Hope you can enjoy some of these cookies in the future! I should receive my second set of cookies soon- we had more than twenty team members participating so it should be a great variety of holiday treats!