Long Overdue, Part 3: Lady Track Shack 5K

9 Mar

So, part 3 will probably be pretty short and sweet thanks to a lack of pictures (blogger fail) and a fading memory.

My first race of February was the Lady Track Shack 5K. Organized by Track Shack , who organizes a lot of my favorite runs,the Lady Track Shack 5K is a female-only run, which takes place at Mead Gardens in beautiful Winter Park, Florida.

One of the best things about this race was supporting a great beneficiary, the Florida Hospital Breast Cance Care Fund, which provides funds for screenings and diagnostics for individuals that cannot afford them.

Following in my usual tradition, my lack of familiarity with the area and limited parking had me pushing it close to the start of the race, but I managed to make it in time! There were lots of small parking lots in the general vicinity of the start line, but a lot were already full or made me worried that my car might get towed! I chose to park in a lot a little farther away and hope for the best.

The run started on a residential street, that I believe was right outside of Mead Gardens (again, horrible directional abilities). Having an all female crowd really did feel like a different energy at the start line! There was a lot of morning chatter and everyone seemed ready to go!

The course made it’s way through mostly residential areas, which were beautiful! A good portion of the course was brick, which is always a bit tough for me. The scenery was great though and made the race a lot of fun!

This race included a great post-race area! Florida Hospital was there giving out breast cancer awareness ribbon magnets for cars (where mine has been displayed since, Cabot had great samplings, barre54 was promoting its unique class offerings and giving out delicious sugar cookies, the Daytona Beach Half Marathon was promoting its half and Brooks had a great display area-where I even one a free t-shirt!

All in all, a great race supporting a great cause!


One Response to “Long Overdue, Part 3: Lady Track Shack 5K”

  1. Suzanne March 9, 2013 at 5:08 PM #

    What a great cause to run for! It sounds like the post-race celebration was great. There are half marathons that don’t have that much going on after a race.

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