Long Overdue, Part 1: Color Run Orlando Recap

7 Mar

In January, I got to kick off my 2013 running by participating in the Color Run in Orlando!

This race was originally planned for December 2nd, the day after the OUC Half Marathon, which would have meant I would not have been able to participate. Since interest was so high, they ended up rescheduling for January to allow for more preparations and a larger venue, which was a great change for me since I was now able to register!

The Color Run is a 5K event that takes place in cities throughout the U.S. that features several color stops throughout the route where you get pelted in colored powder. It’s recommended that participants wear white in order to finish the run colored in colors!

The Orlando run took place on January 13th, starting at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. It started a little later than most 5Ks I’ve run which was a nice change! Parking was spread out through several small lots and fields and, in typical Steph fashion, as soon as I got off the highway I was disoriented. I did find some free event parking, although it probably wasn’t the closest option.

As a result of my directional abilities, I was running a little late so rushed to the starting area to meet up with my friend that was running with me. It definitely took some maneuvering through the crowds of people lined up at the start to catch up with her- I was basically swimming up stream. Luckily, the started the run in waves, so it gave me some time to get situated once I found my friend. She had picked up my race packet, so I needed a minute to get set with my race t-shirt and bib.

The Start Line

The Start Line


The Start Line

The Start Line

The run organizers did a great job at keeping the starting area energized! There was great music and fun prizes being thrown into the crowd. We were on our way pretty quickly though and off on a course that meandered mostly through neighborhoods around the Citrus Bowl. There were about 4 different color stops along the way, where the powder was flying! It seemed to depend on the volunteers as to how much powder you got covered in. I made it a point to go close to the volunteers and really give them a chance to get color on me.

Here Comes Blue!

Here Comes Blue!



All in all, it was a fun race and an easy course. It was an untimed event and I didn’t even bother keeping track of my own time, so I have no clue how long the course took us. I do know that we both had a great time though!

The race ended in a field by the Citrus Bowl where the post-race party was taking place. There were food vendors and merchandise, but the main attraction was the opportunity to celebrate with more color! Everyone received a pouch of color in their race packet and the race announcers were throwing more into the crowd, so it was a great chance to make sure everyone left well covered in color!

Color Party!

Color Party!

Since we both had to jump back in our cars, we wanted to make sure most of the excess color was off our clothes, so there were some big fans that could be used for blowing the excess color off your clothes and bodies. There were also people with leaf blowers that helped you as needed too!

I had to work that afternoon, so we headed out pretty quickly. It really was a fun, high energy run though! It is a little pricey, due in part to the novelty I’m sure, so I don’t know if it’s  a race I would frequently repeat- but I am glad I got to try it!


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