‘Tis the Season

4 Dec

I haven’t run since my Thanksgiving injury. I’m normally a failure at following a training schedule, but this injury definitely threw me off my game! Luckily, I am feeling quite a bit better and am not limping like crazy and scaring my coworkers anymore. I still feel the twinges of pain every once in a while and don’t feel like I am walking 100% “normally” yet, but it’s better.

I am planning on running on Saturday and am hoping for the best. I am by no means what would be considered someone who is well versed in how to run safely, so truth be told I’m not sure that running would be the recommended course of action, but I don’t want the last few months of training to be for nothing, so I’m determined to try. And I really want the palm tree medal! So, definitely don’t follow my lead when it comes to training plans and running advice.

The friend I’m running with has not trained at all because she has been on a special project for the last few months at work leaving her with no formal training time. She’s assured me that she plans on walking the whole thing and will likely be behind me, so if I can run we’ll just meet up along the route somewhere and walk…or get picked up by the courtesy van. That’s still to be seen.

After my attempts to train, I am definitely a little bummed that I don’t feel like I’m at my best physically, but am still looking forward to giving it my best effort.

With that being said, although there’s been a lack of running over the past week, it’s been a great week! With the passing of Thanksgiving, I’ve definitely moved into Christmas mode! I got my Christmas tree up earlier this week and it is now fully decorated. It’s admittedly a little too big for the living room of my condo, but I love it. It makes me happy every night!

I’ve also put out my limited, but growing supply of other Christmas decorations.  I made a quick stop at Michael’s yesterday and got a wreath for my front door and a couple other Christmas trinkets- got to love 50% off sales! I’m also planning on working on a craft I found on Pinterest, so I bought more jingle bells than I’ll ever need!

The highlight of my holiday filled week, by far, was attending the Candlelight Processional at Epcot this week. One of the best things about living in the central Florida area is the proximity of several theme parks, all which go all out for the Christmas season. Most of the attractions in the area have had their Christmas decorations up since November 1st. The Candlelight Processional features the reading of the Christmas story by a celebrity narrator, intermixed with Christmas songs sung by a nightly choir of Disney Cast Members.

A Holiday Tradition

The night we went featured my celebrity idol, Neil Patrick Harris, as narrator! I was lucky enough to see him narrate last year and ran into him in a theme park a prior year, so I know consider him an official holiday season tradition! It was a great time and definitely a tradition I plan on keeping in the future as well.

My Celebrity Idol!


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