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Virtual Half, Check. Injured Hip, Double Check.

26 Nov

The last few days have flown by! I worked the whole holiday weekend, Thursday through Saturday, at my part time job. Not quite a traditional Thanksgiving, although I do quite enjoy spending the holidays with my work family. It’s definitely something I’ve gotten used to over the past few years, since I’m living in Florida working in an industry that doesn’t “close” for holidays and my family is in Connecticut.

On Thursday, after having completed my virtual 5K, I set out to tackle my virtual half marathon. Luckily, I was working in the afternoon, so I was able to wake up at about 8AM and set out on my race of one. Since I’m horrible about planning distances, but hate the thought of running the same path repeatedly, I decided to head down the county road I live off of and just make it more or less a straight shot out and back. I knew there were sidewalks the whole way and that by the time I got to the more congested crossroad, I’d be at about 6 miles. With a couple of loops through some complexes along the way, I knew I’d make it the 13.1 miles without much repeat.

Things started out pretty great. I ran the first 3-4 miles without any walk breaks and was feeling great. From mile 5-10 I was still running pretty steady, although I did take some regular walk breaks in between. At mile 10 though, things came to somewhat of a standstill. My right hip joint became quite achy and very quickly I switched to an all out walk mode. I thought as I continued, I may bounce back and be able to get some more running in. I tried running a bit, but was unsuccesful at running for more than 20-30 seconds at a time. By mile 11, I had resigned to the fact that I’d have to walk the rest. In the end, it was a slow and kind of painful finish, but I completed the half in 3:11:11.

Although I was shooting for a sub 3 hour time, I’m just proud that I did it! Since then, I have been walking with a bit of a limp and unfortunately working my way through the holiday weekend didn’t help much. I am looking forward to getting my 5K and Half Marathon finisher medals in the mail soon! I almost forgot to log my race times online, but remembered with about an hour to spare.

Speaking of race medals, I am so looking forward to the OUC Half Marathon medal-it’s a palm tree, which I love! Hope to get it Saturday!


Busy Week, Non Existent Running

20 Nov

This past week was an insanely busy working week for me, so my half marathon training suffered. While I was supposed to complete two 5 mile runs and a 12 mile run, I managed to complete one 5 mile run. It just happened to be bad timing that week 11 of my 13 week training plan coincided with all sorts of work dinners and events that I couldn’t really avoid. Here’s hoping this week goes a little better as the half is in less than two weeks!

This week, my half marathon training plan that I have (loosely) followed has me running two 3 mile runs and a 6 mile runs, but I know that won’t be exactly accurate. I signed up to do two virtual runs with For the Love of the Kids¬†which raises money for Paul Newman’s non profit, the Hole in the Wall Gang, a camp for children dealing with serious illnesses.

The way the virtual run works is that you sign up for the race of your choosing- a 5K, half marathon or both. Before the race you receive a race t-shirt and bib in the mail. Then, during the designated dates, you run your race distance or distances! The organization provides four days to run, so you can complete your races when it’s convenient for you. Once you complete your race, you return the For the Love of the Kids’ website and enter your race time. After the race, the organization mails you finisher medals!

I tend to be more motivated when I am in a “race” mentality, so I thought this was an awesome way to motivate myself in the final stretch of training, support a deserving organization and gain some new race bling! With the Thanksgiving holiday and a lighter work schedule, I should be able in good shape to get my training done!

The First Post

14 Nov

I’ve been (semi)regularly running for a little while now and have been training for my first half marathon for about nine weeks, but something funny happened within the last week and a half. I actually started liking running. It stopped feeling like a self imposed torture. While it still feels like a challenge every day and some days I don’t look forward to it quite as much as I’d look forward to catching up on the DVR, I’ve really begun to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a run, whether it be one mile or ten miles.

While I’ve run some 5K’s here and there, with little to no training, this is the first time I have really set out with a true goal in mind. While I am in the final weeks of my training for the OUC Half Marathon on December 1st, my hope is that this blog will help me track the final stages leading up to my first half marathon and a continue love for running (and a growing addition to race bling), with a little eating, traveling, working and life mixed in!